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Peacock Color Picker 2.0.0

Peacock Color Picker 2.0.0: Professional Color Picker With A Difference colors. Peacock Color Picker supports the following color code values: HTML Format Color Values Borland Delphi Color Values Java Color Values Microsoft C++ Color Values Microsoft Visual Basic Color Values Microsoft Expression Web Color Values Long Format Color Values HSL Format Color Values CMYK Format Color Value RGB Format Color Values HEX Format Color Values Adobe Photoshop Color Values Adobe Fireworks Color Values Exports Color To JPG (For use

Pop-a-Color Value 1.13:  Get html color values, hex color values, and rgb color values with this tool.
Pop-a-Color Value 1.13

Pop-a-Color Value is a simple graphics tool that can be used to get color values when making skins for programs and also when creating websites. When looking for html color values, hex color values, or rgb color values, Pop-a- Color Value is convenient when finding and learning color value ranges.

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ColorDabbler 1: ColorDabbler - color-scheming tool for Html, palettes, home design and scripting
ColorDabbler 1

color adjustment. *Hue, Saturation and Brightness color composer tool for playing with color ranges. *Color wheel, analogous, triadic and complementary harmonies automatically generated. Custom adjustment controls for varying the analogous color spread and the brightness and saturation of triadic color values . Optional color background for viewing the color harmonies against custom color backgrounds. *Paint 8 different houses by dragging your colors

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ColorPic 4.1: The Professional Color Picker: Powerful color adjustment tools and 100% Free
ColorPic 4.1

Color Picker. Powerful color adjustment tools let you change individual colors with ease. Adjust RGB, Hue, Saturation and Color Values with four graphical mixers. View CMYK printing color values. Use the screen magnifier for perfect accuracy. Save multiple palettes of colors for use in any application. The latest version introduces the new `Mixer` section which gives four powerful graphical ways to analyze and change a selected color. Colors can

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Finch Color Manager 1.201

color. You can pick up any color from the screen by the color picker. You can save your favorite color schemes. Finch Color Manager accepts HEX & RGB values and easy access to HEX & RGB for each color. Easily copy color values to the clipboard. You can create your own color schemes for your website,and make the color websafe. Main features: Screen Color Picker Make Selected Color Web Safe Save your favorite color schemes Easily copy color values

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Color Wheel Expert 4.5: Create harmonious color schemes with ease.
Color Wheel Expert 4.5

color picker, the Windows color dialog, or you can simply input your own decimal or hexadecimal values and use sliders to modify color values. Color Wheel Expert makes it easy to select colors from a 216-color web safe palette, and slider adjustments help users fine-tune the color selection, as well as pick colors from anywhere on the screen and make colors web safe. Color Wheel Expert enables users to convert color values with RGB, HSL, CMY, CMYK

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CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 3: Create stunning CSS scrollbar color themes for Internet Explorer and Opera fast
CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 3

color scrollbar-face-color scrollbar-highlight-color scrollbar-3dlight-color scrollbar-shadow-color scrollbar-darkshadow-color scrollbar-track-color scrollbar-arrow-color You can even mix the base color with override colors for super-fast color themes in only a few clicks. Your CSS code then looks like this: scrollbar-base-color: White; scrollbar-face-color: Olive; scrollbar-highlight-color: ; scrollbar-3dlight-color: ; scrollbar-shadow-color: ;

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